About Me
     My name is Ashley Bannon, I am the owner of The Face Studio, LLC. I have been a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist for the last 8 years.  I LOVE makeup artistry, and I love helping women feel beautiful and confident!  I pride myself in my work, and want every client to feel pampered and beautiful!! Makeup is art, and the face is a canvas! 
I have 2 beautiful kiddos that I work very hard to support and raise. They are my life and I would do anything for them. They are the reason that I have done everything in my power to succeed in life, and continue growing as a person and a professional. I am so excited to finally get my own studio! And I could not be a part of a better salon than Mayn Salon!
I have enjoyed doing makeup long before I went to school for it! And when the spa I was working for shut the doors at the same time I was having my second baby, I decided to start my own airbrush makeup freelance business. Every year I have grown, and now I have a studio!  
I hope that I can help you achieve the look you desire for that special occasion! It is my passion and I love meeting new women and helping them to have more confidence and feel beautiful!
              Thank you! And I hope you have a fantastic day!!
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